In the era of quantum-supercomputing where computing any amount of data is not an issue probing any structure even up to its atomic level without disturbing it even slightly was made possible. With the advanced help of Neutrino probing techniques weakly interacting neutrinos could probe into the structure of atoms without even interfering with them. There were technologies that even the slightest fiction of contemporary scientific communities could reach. They had harnessed the most intricate of the physical laws to attain the greatest technological advancements. Nothing is ever enough for the desires of ambitious. When it comes to the needs of a geek fantasy, you could never be asking for too much.

The same happened to one of the greatest physicists of that time known as Dr.Thomas. Well known for his researches in Quantum Physics and Statistical Mechanics, he was now aiming to do the impossible of Future prediction. Future had fascinated Thomas right from childhood stories of fortune-tellers and the prophecies of epics. As a physicist by training, he was well acquainted with the famous saying of Uncertainty Principle stating “We cannot know the future because we cannot know the present”. He had seen himself predicting the behavior of gases at large with the statistical techniques of Kinetic theory of gases and that’s what gave him some kind of hope. It kept the childish hope of peeping into the future alive even as his hair grayed.

One day in his lecture, he looked at the right-hand side term in the expression of the uncertainty principle and something tickled in his mind. Almost as if he had the epiphany of his lifetime. He left the lecture hall hastily while the students watched the actions of their eccentric professor unfold into something new this time. The things that followed were quite mysterious. Dr.Thomas was not seen or heard by anybody for years. The only thing his students could recall of his last lecture was the gleaming spark in his eyes when he left.

Finally, after 4 and a half years he was seen on a rocket launch pad. He was monitoring the launch of satellites which he had paid some good money for. There he was smiling as the rocket took off to launch his fleet of humongous satellites. He had grown much older in those 4 and a half years. He had those wrinkles on his face the likes of which could only be seen on the faces of coal mine workers. There were a lot of crazy theories floating in papers about the re-emergence of Dr.Thomas and his fleet of satellites. The constellation was so huge that he can possibly have a look at every nook and corner of the planet.

Nobody knew what Dr.Thomas was up to and what all those satellites were for. For months on the media was already fed up with evasive answers to this mysterious thing. What happened just 3 and a half months later was quite surprising. Indian drones attacked around 45 terrorist hideouts and the ammunition recovered included 3 nuclear bombs. It was incomprehensible how could they find out the terrorist haven and recovered atomic bombs. It could have caused great harm, even there disengagement codes were found with the accuracy of a psychic. Many of the unsolved political assassination cases were also solved. Speculations were wide that someone is foretelling the government of the future. Someone candidly raised the question of the relation between all these happenings and Dr.Thomas but his questions were hushed down.

Then suddenly, the government was seen making hurried arrangements supposedly done at times of tsunamis to evacuate people from a place where there was no history of any such thing. As the place was evacuated, the very next day there was a dreadful Tsunami drowning the empty buildings. Fortunately, thousands of lives were saved, claps were heard & the usual stuff.

Media came back to asking if Dr.Thomas had developed something that can predict the future but these questions were called absurd. Everything was explaining based on meteorological predictions. While this was not even forgotten, a Volcano erupted right in the outskirts of Ganpatipule, Maharashtra while that too was just evacuated just a week ago. With all these things the suspected involvement of Dr.Thomas was getting sure and the parliament had started mounting pressure on the government to disclose all the details. Finally, a warrant was issued for confiscating the research facility of Dr.Thomas. Within 24 hours commandos were raiding the research center.

What they found out shocked everyone. In his lab, Dr.Thomas was lying dead. It seemed as if someone had also destroyed all the equipment present there, the lab was in a deserted state. His assistant Uma was interrogated and nobody could believe, when she told that Dr.Thomas had developed a method to predict the future. She looked upon his notes and told everyone how Dr.Thomas did all this. She said Dr.Thomas was an extremely brilliant experimentalist. He had set up atomic probes right into orbit in satellites using neutrinos as probing media. He calculated the dynamics and position of every atom present on the planet within the error limit stated in Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and predicted their further position. This gave him the result of every specific set of atoms in the present and future using rigorous statistical techniques. Thereby predicting future computing within error limits. She said I didn’t know why he sent me on leave without a reason. Another page was found in the hands of Dr. Thomas’s body. The page read,” I predicted the future and peeped into it. It was not so bright for mankind. The only fear I had was that had I broken into laws of nature by looking into the Future. The human race will also be a partner with me in enduring the wrath of nature. I’m trying to undo my part”